It’s The Most Delicious Time of the Year!

The holidays are upon us and if you are still in a sugar coma from Halloween just like me then you are already primed and ready to go for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of their yummy indulgences  Around this time of year we tend to start letting go, loosening the belt buckle and diving right in to everything savory and sweet.  And I don’t know about you but for me with that comes self-sabotage, negative thoughts about myself and the promise to get back on that “wagon” in the New Year.  My anxiety kicks into over drive and I give into all of the negative chatter in my head.


This year I refuse to go down that rabbit hole.  I am going to reject the idea that I must completely abandon ship, hate myself and swear I will go on some crazy diet to rid myself of all the mistakes I have made.  You want to know why?  Because they will not be mistakes and I will cherish every single memory and enjoy every single bite.  Right now, I am working on the concept of moderation, a concept that I have never in my entire life employed.  It has always been 100% on it or I light the whole damn wagon on fire! This season I am practicing self-love, gratitude and appreciation, because food does not define me and neither does some crazy diet!

I am going to work on enjoying the holidays in moderation and if I eat or drink too much, I will be practicing self-love and gratitude.

As I have been going through this mental shift, I have been writing down ways that I can live a balanced life and although this has been harder than any diet I have ever been on it has also been the most rewarding.  I thought I might round up some of my ideas for all of you!

The number one way I have been fueling my body and keeping myself healthy is drinking water, tons of it.  I know I know, you have read this on every health blog, every diet and heard it from every doctor!  But it truly is one of the best ways to keep you feeling nourished and help you to fight those intense cravings.  I just try to drink water before and after every meal.  For me if I drink a big glass about 20 minutes before a meal and 20 minutes after I feel fuller longer and I am less likely to give in to my cravings, at least most of the time! So, when you know you will be around a lot of rich and indulgent food give it a try!  And if you still indulge don’t beat yourself up – give yourself some love!  My favorite way to do this is by saying my mantras – which is my next tip!


Mantras are something I learned in therapy and I promise you at first, I was like “ok yah sure I will just tell myself to feel a certain way and it will work”. Yah right! But after months of saying them to myself in the shower, the grocery store and on my walks and writing down them down my entire mindset shifted.  The Mantra I will be telling myself this holiday season is – I love and accept myself as I am, and I am letting go of all guilt.  It’s a mantra I have used in many different phases in my life and it has helped tremendously.  Just give it a shot!


Another way I have been successful with not overeating at a big event is to start my day off right with a high protein breakfast with good carbs and fat.  This type of breakfast seems to stave off my hunger and keeps me fueled and gears me towards making better eating choices throughout the day.  Since I am a stay at home mom and have a toddler who hates sleep I rarely can make a fancy complex breakfast so below are a few of my faves:

OVERNIGHT OATS!!!!  These are so incredibly easy, delicious and my hubby and baby girl love them.  My favorite is this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen – Almond Butter, Strawberry, Banana & Chia Seeds Overnight Oats.


A good old bowl of cereal with some fruit and walnuts (or any nuts you like) will do the trick.  My favorite cereal right now is Kashi Cinnamon Toast Cereal,  it is like little kid cereal but not too shabby in the nutrition department!

And a tried and true breakfast around this house is a quiche!  We really like making a ham, egg and spinach quiche!  Try this delish recipe from I Heart Naptime.  These are easy and quick to make!


Ok so that is it! No crazy cleanses, no crazy workouts just simple tools to help you moderate this yummy holiday season and not beat yourself up if you have one too many pieces of pie or cocktails!

Cheers and Chat Soon Lovelies!

Lovely Jean Co.