About Lovely Jean Co.


Hi Lovelies!

I’m Samantha and I am the wife to my amazing husband and the mother to my beautiful baby girl Miss Avery Jean and our Golden Retriever Murphy.  We are also expecting another little girl at the end of September!

Through this journey of life and especially in this new chapter of motherhood I have started to learn that showing myself gratitude and appreciation is the MOST important thing a woman can do for herself!

I have struggled with issues that I know so many women deal with including body shaming, anxiety and depression and the daily struggle to get everything done for everyone!   But I’m learning that if we don’t start giving ourselves a break and showing some gratitude we will never be the best versions of ourselves or be able to nurture the ones around us.

I have also seen firsthand throughout my life the negative stigma that comes along with Mental Health issues and I am tired of it.  I have had many years of experience with these diseases and I want to open the dialogue to women out there and share anything I can to help someone struggling.

That is my mission with this blog; to bring you inspiring ideas on how to bring some light into your life and to help you be a better mother, boss, wife and most importantly a healthier version of  yourself.

From mental health discussions, treatment information (both holistic and modern medicine) fitness, health and beauty tips and so much more you will find something here to inspire and uplift you.

I look forward to sharing with all of you and remember, show some gratitude to the woman in the mirror – she is your best friend!


Lovely Jean Co