How To Survive Yucky Weather With A Toddler!

It is rainy and cold here today, so it is only fitting that I write about how we stay busy and sane when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with outdoor time.  Being a stay at home mom has been a big adjustment for me and it has taken me a while (still does on most days) to get into a routine that keeps Avery stimulated and me from going bonkers!  Then throw in a rainy day and Bam! We start to feel a little looney.   We start the day at 7:00am and end at 7:00pm and she only naps oh I’d say 45 minutes in-between and the rest of the time we rage.

I don’t know about everyone else but staying at home gives me cabin fever and with my anxiety can make some days seem like ground hog’s day with no end in sight.  So, having some fun activities outside of the house is the only way to keep this ship afloat.  We try to get out and about in the morning to held aid a long nap (sometimes for both of us!) Then in afternoon we keep ourselves busy with indoor activities.

Below are some of our favorite activities and places that we love and keep Avery and mommy happy!

Out Of The House Activities


This place is hands down our favorite place to party.  You can find us here three to four days out of the week!  Gymboree offers music classes, free gym, age appropriate play and learn classes and our new favorite, art class!  We belong to the Gymboree in Lafayette, Ca and we opted for the unlimited membership and it has been the best investment we have made as far as activities go.  The staff is super friendly, and the gym is clean and such a fun and safe place for Avery to explore.  They are all over so check your area for a local Gymboree.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!   Click Here to check out their nationwide site.

artclass.jpgThis is Avery at her first art class (don’t be fooled by the face, she had a great time!)

Library Story Time

We are lucky enough to live in an area that has a few fantastic libraries and boy do we take advantage of them.  The library is one of Avery’s favorite places to go and we really make use of that library card.  We try to make it to Story Time at least twice a week and after it is done Avery proceeds to run around the entire library checking it out and then we head home with a stack of new books (free!) to read.  We can easily kill 2 ½ hours there.  We have a fantastic story time that includes a very talented man who sings, plays the guitar and really engages the kiddos.  It’s a perfect combo to get a very active toddler worn out!


One Heart Music Class

Now this is local to Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek but check in your area and I am sure there are music classes offered which are truly worth it, especially if your little loves to be silly and dance.  This is such a fantastic class because Avery LOVES music.  It is a 40-minute class where the teacher plays his guitar, engages the kiddos and ends with a floor full of instruments for the kids to play with and dance to music.  He does a fantastic job of introducing different genres of music and his own written songs are so fun, interactive and really get the kids to think!  Avery runs around the entire time and by the end she is smoked (perfect for right before nap time!)   If you live in Norther California head Here to check out registration for these amazing classes.

music class.jpg

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

This is another local spot in our area but check in your area because you may have something like it! Lindsay Wildlife museum a wonderful wildlife sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates animals and for a yearly membership kiddo can go any day and run around and check out all the animals.  They have quite a few hawks, owls and other beautiful birds as well as a few adorable guinea pigs, a rabbit and a few more fun critters for Avery to see.   They also offer educational classes, live animal showings and so much more!  If you live in the Bay Area this place is great to check out.  Go to their site Here to see all that they offer!


Indoor Activities:

Painting and Baking

We just purchased this learning tower on Amazon, and it is one of our best buys yet!  It allows Avery to be at the same level as me so she can feel like a big girl and participate in either painting or baking.  (we have been doing this a lot lately.)  It is a bit bulky, but we leave it in the corner of the kitchen and bring it out when we need it.  For me, letting Avery be up at my level and learn about what we do in the kitchen has been fun and entertaining, a messy!  For painting we just tape a large piece of paper down on the counter and let her have at it!  See below Shop This Post to find this learning tower!


Playing with Murphy (The dog)

Now we are lucky enough that our golden retriever is a built-in playmate of sorts.  And it helps that he is gentle and basically lets her crawl all over him (see photo below).  They literally play keep away from each other, tug of war and they cuddle.  This buys me at least 20 minutes of freedom!


Peppa Pig

Yep, I am going to say it, we watch TV.  I allow her 1-2 episodes of Peppa pig depending on the day and she loves it!  Usually one in the morning when I am doing the dishes and one at night when I am cooking dinner.  I know everyone feels differently about this but for us it works, and I know she is learning and loving it! As you can tell from the pic below she doesn’t sit still for very long so she really only sees a portion of an episode!  Moderation people!


And if you are feeling adventurous get outside in the rain! Jumping in muddy puddles is one of our favorites (and Peppa Pigs too).


I would love to hear what you do with your littles on a cold and dreadful day so comment below and share!

Enjoy Lovelies!



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