My Mindfulness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Day!   

How many times a day do you stop, take a few breathes and really savor the moment you are in?  Show of hands. Yep not many of us is my guess.  But that is what I wanted to chat about today in this post. Practicing Mindfulness throughout our busy schedules.

Now I know most of you are thinking “Ok sure let me go ahead and spare the negative amount of free time I have in my schedule to pencil in yet another item on my to do list”  But I am telling you this one is essential and should be thought of as a little treat for yourself, not another mundane chore.

As a busy stay at home mom I am guilty of some days just running on auto pilot.  By the end of the day I am dead on the couch and somehow, I remember hazy moments of taking Avery to the park, doing dishes and making dinner but none of those memories are crisp and clear because I wasn’t mindful.

Being mindful means being present.  Being in tune with your surroundings and all your senses.  Whether it is stopping for a few moments to just look at your little one and take in the details; what is her facial expression? What are you feeling when you see her run or smile or play?  And what is your body feeling? Are you tense?  Relaxed?  Anxious?  Being present is not about trying to change anything it is just about bringing yourself into the current moment and I know each of us could use a little bit of that grounding during the day.

Here are some of my tips!

Getting up before Avery gets up in the morning and enjoying my cup of Joe all by myself (well with my golden retriever on my feet of course)!  This one is so imperative because it allows me to get mentally prepared for the day and to really savor my alone time because I know once that baby opens her eyes it is game on.


WORKOUT!!! Now, I know this one is tough for everyone but honestly it doesn’t have to be anything crazy.  I get in a 30-minute walk with my dog and Avery every day and try to do yoga or Pilates at least three times a week (this is not a constant!)  but just getting up and walking will do the trick.  While you are working out you are automatically being mindful by feeling your heart beat, your breath and your muscles moving.  It’s really the best and for more reasons then being mindful!   I love using my Fitbit charge 3 because the damn thing reminds me throughout the day to get my butt moving!  I got mine on Amazon and it has been a great addition to my wardrobe!


Running an oil diffuser throughout the day.  Now this one may be tricky if you work in an office setting, but you can of course turn it on in the morning while you get ready and in the evening.  I have mine running all day with some amazing oils that really keep me present and calm throughout the day.  Every so often I will walk by it and smell the aroma and be brought back from wherever my mind was wondering!  Below I have linked the diffuser I use and my go to oil brand – DoTerra!



Meditation – Now I am no good at self-meditating, so I use the app Headspace and it is amazing!  They have a large variety of different programs that help with anxiety, stress, self-love and they range from 5 to 20-minute sessions.  I do this every day while Avery takes her nap.  It is amazing, and I promise it will be something you will look forward to!


The last one I use I found from this amazing book Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5- Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms by Shonda Moralis MSW, LCSW


In the book she highlights so many ways you can take five minutes out of your day to practice being mindful and they are all doable.  But the one I use the most is the step out of autopilot practice.  She basically explains that throughout the day step back, take a few deep breaths and just take in your surroundings and how you are feeling.  This helps me so much when I am playing with Avery because instead of thinking about how bad I want to eat that piece of chocolate in the freezer or how many dishes I must do, I can soak up memories with my little girl that I will never get back.


I know there are a lot of tips in this post so pick one and give it a try.  We all deserve a little break and a little self-care throughout our busy days!  Mindfulness is one of the best ways to treat ourselves with love and kindness!
Chat soon lovelies!

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